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September 22, 2014: New reviews: From this point on, all new reviews will be posted here on my blog. This site will remain up and will be used to display my model kit/hobbies.
September 5, 2014: New reviews: I'm back! You miss me? I brought some stuff for ya:
Blue Ruin, Divergent and Lost Girl
August 29, 2014: It's time for the The Tenth Anniversary Photo Page!. The reviews will return on Friday, September 5, 2014.
August 29, 2014: New reviews: I'm taking a little vacation from the reviews. I will continue to update the 'what's new' list every week. I will also continue to blog. The reviews will be back on Friday, September 5 2014.
July 25, 2014: New reviews: A buncha new reviews for ya:
Noah 2014, The Lego Movie and The Witches Of East End
July 11, 2014: New reviews: An alert, Romans, and Mummies:
Alpha Alert,Centurion and Prisoners Of The Sun

July 3, 2014: Due to the holiday, the reviews will be seen next week, on July 11.
Happy Fourth Of July!
June 20, 2014: New reviews: Elves, ghosts and a band of brigands:
Curse Of The Dragonslayer, Escape and Haunt
June 6, 2014: New reviews: Escaping Disney, and saying farewell to the world and Smallville:
Escape From Tomorrow, Goodbye World and Smallville: The Last Hurrah!
May 23, 2014: New reviews: A Battlestar, an Orphan and an Adventurer walk into a bar...:
Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, Orphan Black Series 1 and Curse of the Midas Box
May 9, 2014: New reviews: Mat, Kane and the Yamato are at bat now:
Elysium, Solomon Kane and Space Battleship Yamato
April 25, 2014: New reviews: Mega Shark, Milius and Riddick are up this week:
Mega Shark Vs. Mecha Shark, Milius and Riddick Uncut
April 11, 2014: New reviews: Frozen Hobbits meet badass Knights this week:
Frozen, The Hobbit 2 and Knights Of Badassdom
March 28, 2014: New reviews: Killer rubber fish, a fine actress, and psycho doings on an island:
Beneath, How I Live Now and Solo
March 15, 2014: New reviews: Katlips is back, along with some KGB spies and Jean Grey:
100 Feet, The Americans and The Hunger Games 2
February 28, 2014: New reviews: Two superheros and a super-astronaut:
Gravity, Thor: The Dark World and The Wolverine
February 14, 2014: New reviews: Through the harsh winter snow come these reviews, just for you:
About Time, Ender's Game and Grabbers

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