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Despite the fact that this site has ads, I've still been running it at a loss for the past five years. That means that I have not made any money from this site at all in all of that time. Mcfergeson's is a labor of love; I truly enjoy reviewing Movies & TV shows, and would gladly consider running this for free, but I still have expenses.

Every year I have to pay $130 to the hosting company. I was hoping that the ads on the site would at least pay for this, but since they're not paying anything, this money has to come out of my own pocket. Free hosting companies do not have the storage space that I require to run Mcfergeson's. So if you enjoy this site, if you're a regular reader, you could help keep it online by making a small donation. No matter what the amount, it will be greatly appreciated.

And as always, my thanks for your time and support.

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