Goodbye World
Two Stars (out of five)
2012. Phase 4 Films. Running time 110 minutes. Not rated has some violence and cursing. Has Closed Captions. This was reviewed on DVD on June 5, 2014.

Eden! How does that name sound for our new society? When a computer virus is unleashed upon an unsuspecting society via hackers, the power grid is wiped out, leaving millions of people without power and in the dark. This of course leads to riots in the streets as everybody flees the cities. It’s the apocalypse, folks, and Laura Shepherd (Gabby Hoffman) has to fight her way home to Northern California all the way from Washington D.C., where she was just turned down for a job (look at it this way, not getting hired for a gig isn’t as bad when it’s the apocalypse, right?). She’s making her way back to the Palmers’ residence.

Who's up for word games? Anybody? The Palmers, James and Lily (Adrian Grenier and Kerry Bishé) own a nice little house that’s off the grid in the sticks where they live with their young (and somewhat bratty) daughter. The place is tricked out with solar panels, its own garden and well, along with a chicken coop and even has a freezer stocked with medicine. The serious and solemn James and the flighty Lily were once in business with their college friends, who all show up when the feces hits the fan for a really long sleepover--which, given the way things are going, may be forever.

There's still nothing to watch on TV after the fall. Goodbye World is quite possibly the first post-apocalyptic relationship movie. It pretty much ignores the overall apocalypse story, pushing it into the background, while it deals with some pretty "serious" issues, man. Like, when James freaks out when he discovers that one of his guests brought a loaded gun--a loaded gun!!!--into this house. Uh, Jimmy…see that large black column of smoke rising in the distance? Yeah, that’s San Francisco, dude; or at least what’s left of it. It’s the end of the world, and when that happens, it’s probably a good idea to readjust your way of thinking regarding some issues.

Should we call our new post-apocalyptic society Eden? However, everybody continues to whine and cry about their soap opera problems, ignoring what’s going on around them because…you know, to heck with the end of the world, what about my needs, darn it?! Despite a great cast of actors, it’s hard to warm up to this bunch of idiots just because they are a bunch of useless idiots. I kept watching, fascinated, because I was expecting a merry band of mutants to just roll in and wipe everybody out, and I would have been rooting for the mutants! Thinly fleshed out characters will do that to me. If you want a good post apocalyptic flick, watch Children of Men or Hell, instead. --SF

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