Awaken To Darkness
My very first novel is a chiller.

The cover artwork for the book, Awaken. Deputy Sheriff Julie Burwell had suffered a terrible car accident where she nearly lost her life. After a year of healing, Julie eagerly returns to her job as a cop in the Northeastern Pennsylvania town of Riverton. Yet Julie soon realizes that something is dreadfully wrong. She can see the dead. She can now see the restless ghosts who wander the streets of Riverton, as well as the surrounding woods. To say that this is a shocking turn of events is putting it mildly--because Julie soon realizes another horrific fact, one that's even more scary.

These wandering restless spirits have now taken notice of her, as well.

Do you enjoy reading a good ghost story? Awaken To Darkness offers loads of chills set in a small town with plenty of secrets. The book features a strong woman as the lead character, and has humor mixed in with the suspense. Awaken To Darkness is currently available for the Kindle ebook reader, as well as the Kindle Fire. If you want to read the book, then just click on the link below:

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